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About Oud

Elegance in the destination industry

Oud is the Arabic name for aloeswood‭ ‬–‭ ‬a rare and exotic element embedded in Gyrinops trees‭. ‬Just as the unique‭, ‬alluring and majestic fragrance of aloeswood‭, ‬Oud’s property projects exude the same by combining the magic of the East and the modernism of the West to uphold a vision for creating world-class destinations that attract‭, ‬amaze and inspire‭. ‬

Oud encapsulates the true essence of uniqueness and luxury with a new development concept‭; ‬transforming destinations‭. ‬It builds‭ ‬unique monumental landmarks and transforms them into culturally rich architectural icons that include advanced integrated services and infrastructures‭.‬

The story of "Oud"

We eagerly created a unique entity for which we chose the name “Oud”.

People are always on the lookout for new and exotic destinations to invigorate the mind and soul‭. ‬Today‭, ‬people have particular‭ ‬tastes and desires‭, ‬they research evaluate‭, ‬and finally set off to their best picked destination‭. ‬To satisfy such intricate tastes‭, ‬Oud has mastered the art of knowing what vacationers want‭. ‬

By combining advanced engineering‭, ‬customer insight and modern management and construction techniques‭, ‬Oud is geared to provide‭ ‬a marvellous experience time after time‭


our Message

Providing unique real‭ ‬estate destinations for elite seekers of excellence and creativity‭.‬


our vision

To make Oud a‭ ‬household name for high quality and innovation in developing exotic destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭.‬


our goals

To provide our clients unmatchable value added offerings through unforgettable experiences with world-class destinations‭.‬


our principles

Creativity and uniqueness‭ ‬
Initiative ‬
Excellent service‭ ‬ ‬
Building partnerships ‬

"Oud" services

Oud is well renowned in its capacity to provide world class services that cater to elite individuals and organizations. Oud’s services are extensive and customized in accordance to its clientele and real estate vision. Oud provides its clients with a variety of services through its large group of local and international consultants and partners.

Property Management

Real Estate Consulting

Oud Lifestyle

Real Estate activities

Creating Elegant Destinations


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