Oud Square

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Oud Square is located in the diplomatic district capital’s most significant districts‭. ‬The complex hosts several embassies and international diplomatic missions nominated in the Kingdom‭. ‬The district has been designed to meet the highest standards of construction development across the globe‭.‬

Oud Square

An integrated modern complex of offices and shops located at the heart of Riyadh’s diplomatic Quarter‭ ‬“DQ”‭. ‬The complex is cladded in luxury‭, ‬comfort and security‭. ‬Surrounded by a multi-cultural diplomatic district with an internal centralized system‭. ‬Lodged with amenities and modern facilities that provides an elite lifestyle that matches to that of the most‭ ‬expensive cities of the world‭.‬

The population in the Diplomatic Quarter exceeds ten thousand people. ‬

Average number of vehicles entering the community is 70 thousand per day.

Number of employees moving to the community is 8 thousand per day.

The community includes the headquarters of 120 international diplomatic missions.

lifestyle At The “Oud Square”‬

Oud square comprises three buildings‭, ‬each of which includes one storey and a mezzanine allocated for modern shops‭. ‬The square rises with two additional upper floors comprising of luxurious offices lodged with various spaces aimed to meet diverse professional needs‭. ‬An underground floor‭, ‬known as the‭ ‬“vault”‭ ‬is designed for an expansive private and secure car parking‭.‬

The tenants and guests at Oud Square are assured services that match the highest standards of comfort‭, ‬hygiene and lavish experience‭.‬

The square sits within the center of the‭ ‬“square”‭ ‬that comprises of several top grade restaurants‭, ‬coffee shops and stores that house the most reputed brands‭ ‬–‭ ‬a comprehensive and complete luxury experience‭. ‬

Unique Services

• Valet Parking
• Concierge
• Shuttle Inside DQ
• Car Rent with Driver
• Car Wash

• Visa Coordination
• Drop Off Pick-up
• Generators
• Security

• Housekeeping
• Event Management
• Free Wi-Fi
• Courier (Aramex, DHL, FedEx)

No. of offices

No. of offices


No. of shops

No. of shops


No. of parking lots

No. of parking lots


Total area

Total area

11,684 M²

*‭Some services are subject to charges. “OUD” Company reserves the right to withhold any of these services without justification or prior notification.

Complex Map

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