Oud Dunes

A Pulsating Community

Oud Dunes is located at the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh‭; ‬one of the capital›s highly expensive‭ (‬in terms of value and prestige‭) ‬areas‭. ‬Host to several embassies and international diplomatic missions‭, ‬the‭ ‬district boasts an outstanding infrastructure designed to compete with that of the most expensive cities in the world‭. ‬With integrated services‭, ‬advanced facilities Oud Dunes never fails to amaze its inhabitants with an experience of a lifetime‭. ‬The reputed Radisson Blue Hotel is located right in front of the Complex‭.‬

The Diplomatic Quarter is known for its beauty‭, ‬extensive planning and complex integration‭. ‬Its design has been awarded the Agha‭ ‬Khan Prize‭, ‬construction’s most prestigious prize recognized across the globe‭.‬

Safety goes hand in hand with luxury at the Diplomatic Community with its intensive 24/7‭ ‬security system that monitors all the entrances‭, ‬including the interiors of the entire community‭. ‬

A Passion For Luxury

The passion for luxury’s finest can be experienced at the Oud Dunes‭. ‬An integrated modern office complex located in Riyadh’s prime Diplomatic Quarter‭.

‬Marked by high levels of modernism‭, ‬comfort and security‭, ‬Oud Dunes is surrounded by a multi-cultural diplomatic district lodged with modern day’s most state-of-the-art facilities that provide open doors to a lifestyle that has never been experienced before‭.‬

The community includes the headquarters of 120‭ ‬international diplomatic missions‭.‬

Number of employees moving to the community is 8‭ ‬thousand per day‭.‬

Average number of‭ ‬vehicles entering the community is 70‭ ‬thousand per day‭.‬

The population in the Diplomatic Quarter exceeds ten thousand people‭. ‬

Modern Design

Oud Dunes is the prized marvel designed by the USA-based Lazard Company‭. ‬Being awarded an international prize in the field of construction design‭, ‬it stands as a featured landmark across the Diplomatic Community‭, ‬and Riyadh‭.‬

Oud Dunes consists of two 3-storey buildings of luxuriously constructed offices with various spaces suited for diverse purposes‭.‬‭ ‬The underground‭, ‬known as the‭ ‬“vault”‭ ‬has been allocated for an expansive private parking space‭.‬

Integrated Services

•‭ ‬Meeting‭ ‬Rooms
•‭ ‬Valet‭ ‬Parking
•‭ ‬Concierge
•‭ ‬Outdoor‭ ‬Gardens
•‭ ‬Shuttle‭ ‬Inside‭ ‬DQ
•‭ ‬Car‭ ‬Rent‭ ‬with‭ ‬Driver‭ ‬

• Car Wash
• Housekeeping
• Event Management
• Free Wi-Fi
• Courier (Aramex, DHL, FedEx)

• Visa Coordination
• Drop Off Pick-up
• Generators
• Security
• Fire Protection System

No. of offices

No. of offices


No. of parking lots

No. of parking lots


Total Area

Total Area

10,258 Square meters

* Some services are subject to charges. “OUD” Company reserves the right to withhold any of these services without justification or prior notification.‬

Complex Map

Closer look at the project

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